​10/26/17 Amber Jacko, San Antonio, TX.
What a fantastic time my husband and I had fishing!!!! Captain Nathan and Captain Rick are incredibly knowledgeable and found us the perfect spots for fishing. We will definitely be back soon to fish with them again!

3/19/18; Trey Kurtpatrick, Fort Worth, TX

Thanks Nathan for an awesome trip! 
Any of y’all who haven’t fished with him are missing out. This was our first trip and definitely won’t be the last. I’ve not been with a guide who works the way he does. Very informative, instructional, and just fun to hang out and fish with. I’ve fished the Texas flats many of years and I can surely say he taught me a lot. Be back to see you soon.

7/18/16 Kevin McCarty, Victoria, TX

I have fished with Nathan and will recommend him as a first class guide. I had guided in my past life in early 2000 when fishing was a lot easier. The coast was not filled with go fast boats and shore burners. It was a simpler time and quite easy to catch fish constantly. Nathan has proven that with hard work and dedication you can still catch plenty of fish and learn a thing or two. He also trained my bird dog Remi and did an outstanding job. Honored to fish with him anytime I get a chance. Great guide and a great friend

​​10/16/16  Joe G; San Antonio, TX

  One of the good things about this fishing trip was leaving the boat ramp early under the full moon.  The best part was Nathan getting us on some fish as soon as we jumped out.  My wife and I had a great time and we also picked up some extra pointers from Nathan in how to become a more successful fisherman/fisherwoman.  Thanks!

6/11/17 Shannon Dubois, New Braunfels  

Hey some people you just can't make happy no mater what you do or how good of a day you think they had.
I paid you to take us fishing and spend quality time with my father and wife, and that's what you did. Catching fish is always a bonus. You had a nice boat made a effort to find fish and got out and fished with us. You could have easily took us on a short boat ride and said here we go and not have caught fish, and said sorry it's a bad day. You even got to talk a little smack and blow up my wife's ego. Which was really worth any amount of money paid. I'm sure we will be back soon, Thanx for a great trip.

7/2/16 Steve Kees, Houston, TX

I have fished with Nathan many times over the last 9 years. We have fished together 5 times this year plus a trip with my daughters and their spouse and boyfriend. Nathan and i always throw lures weather it is freezing cold or scortching hot, wading or drifting. I am twice Nathans age and fish 100-150 trips a year on my own in Galveston. I have fished every bay system from south Texas to Lake Calcisieu in Louisiana. Many of those trips with guides. He and i have had many outstanding trips. I always learn something different every trip with him. This year we hammered big trout wading in 43 degree air temps and 30 mile and hour wind. He is always there watching you, helping you if needed, and taking some great pictures. We have fished some skinny water that not many boats can get to. I release most of my fish and look for the big girl. We fished the mouth of Cedar bayou in May and hammered trout standing at the edge of the surf in shin deep water. It was one of my all time fishing trips as we caught and released 50 trout from 17 to 23 inches that day. We quit because for the first time in my life i was tired of catching fish. Nathan is at the top of my list when it comes to fishing guides and friends.  

9/19/17 John and Judith Wynn

​Just got around to sending you a review: If you want to catch fish call Nathan. He obviously know San Antonio Bay. First place we tried I caught a nice redfish that was over 28". caught quite a few small trout, but also caught a good number of keeper. Had a great time. Nathan is a very skilled Captain/Fisherman. Will plan on another trip next year.

2/17/19; Bill Merchant, Bryan/College Station, TX.

Thanks again, my friend.
Awesome weekend with great friends and the only guide I’ll pay to fish beside.  Thanks for being the best again, Brother.

​5/6/17 Ernest Fernandez, San Antonio, TX

Nathan, Javi and I would like to thank you for a wonderfully informative trip. We had just about 0 wind which we all know can make fishing tough. You put us on fish at just about every stop and you still weren't satisfied until we were. Javi's PB 26" red still gives him the shakes and all that he learned is priceless. It's great to have a conservation minded guide out there and we truly appreciate the knowledge you've shared with us. We look forward to booking another trip with you, hopefully this winter for sure down south. Thank you.

11/23/16 Kent Turner; Houston, TX.

 I am happy to report that we did have a great time with Nathan Beabout at Cedar Bayou and even made the local fishing report magazine.  I can't brag on Nathan enough - because I am disabled and needed quite a bit of assistance I was a little concerned that the trip out to CB would be too much for me.  It was because of Nathan's ability to put me on fish and help me thru the day that I was able to have a great time! 

​5/28/16 Barry Stokes, Houston, TX

Nathan Beabout is a very professional charter captain and fishing guide who knows San Antonio Bay, Cedar Bayou, and the surrounding bay system well.  He stays on the daily patterns and did an excellent job of putting us on good trout, reds, and flounder for our FOX Sports Outdoors Television Program.  I highly recommend Nathan. 


8/18/16 Jason Hallmark; Austin, TX
  I really appreciated the tips you showed me, and that you allowed me to do it instead of doing things for me.  I'm a hands on learner and really enjoy that you took the time to show me how to put the soft baits on, how to land a fish alone in the water, how to work the bait etc.  These things I used the next day with fantastic success.  You are a good teacher and for someone like me, who has no bad habits, really appreciated how you taught the basic skills needed to fish like we did.  
  You have a good personality that I get along with.  The most enjoyable part of the day was just hanging out and listening to stories and watching how you did things in and out of the boat. As LE, I don't always get along with people in general as I do not suffer fools.  (No idea why I like Charles ha!)  Simply put, you are very personable and a lot of fun to chat with.  You have a gift of gab, meaning you are not shy around new people and you are able to read your clients well.  I think this will serve you well and you should take pride in this.  
  Overall, it was a great day.  The boat...man..it is awesome!  The conditions were not the best, but hey I had fun. I could have sat on a oyster bed or grass bed with shrimp and caught my limit all day.  But what we did was way more fun. I'd fish with you again and hope to do so.  I forsee you being very successful sir, I enjoyed my time on your boat.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to work with us on a day that others simply didn't want to go out.
Well done and good luck.


Mike Castor; Katy, TX.

I was Blessed to be selected to go on this trip today. Capt. Nathan Beabout is a very professional, knowledgeable and fun fishing guide. He is very passionate about conservation and encourages keeping some to eat.  He cares about his customers and teaching them how to fish throwing lures. He navigated that 25.6 ft Majek Illusion through water and back lakes that I never thought was possible. If your thinking about booking a trip in the Seadrift/POC area. He is your man... Call him now and ask him about the special he's running for the winter months. Which in my book is best time because your chances of catching a big one is great.... God Bless

6/13/16-Shane Watts, Austin, TX

I’ve fished the coast for many years with many different guides and Nathan is one of the best.  His vast knowledge of the bay system lets him know where, and more importantly why, the fish will be in certain locations given the conditions at hand.  Aside from a great fisherman, he is also a great person.


1/17/17 Jordan Popovic; Austin, TX.​

Captain Nathan is awesome. We had a great Saturday on the water with him wading soft plastics. The bite was tough early in the morning but we battled it out and got on some good fish. His boating skills are superb, and the ride is extremely comfortable. He has excellent knowledge of the bay system and helped us key in some skills that brought us very good success for the rest of the week without him. He's personable and fun to talk to. Mostly what I liked about him the most is we fished a LONG day. Even after we had full stringers we went searching for larger fish. It isn't over at a limit with him and that is not his goal. He wants to put you on a fish of lifetime, and that is why you should book him. You get more than your money's worth. Book with confidence. 
Thanks again Captain.

​5/10/16-Jon Seaton, San Antonio, TX

​Back in March at the Fishing Expo in Houston I was the lucky winner of a guided fishing trip with Nathan Beabout of N&M Sportsman's Adventures www.nmsportsmansadventures.com. I was really pumped up that I won because after meeting with Nathan and his wife, N&M was the outfit I had decided I was going to book a trip with, and now it was free! Went on my trip this past Monday launching from Seadrift harbor caught a quick limit of Reds and bunch of small trout until the wind blew us off the bay. To my surprise Nathan is going to take me back out so I can experience a full guided experience. The main reason I selected N&M was because I was interested not just caching fish but also becoming a better fisherman. I was not disappointed the few places we fished Nathan explained why were fishing their and what he expected to catch and why we were wading in a certain direction, weather impact, etc. Also explained how the wind/weather impact where we were fishing. This was my first Texas Wade fishing trip, you can really visualize the structure your fishing after having waded it. Finally learned how to fish with a Corky Softdine suspending twitch bait which I caught all my fish on. 

I Have been on a lot of guided trips over the years but this was the first time I got to use my own equipment and was allowed to tie my own knots and release/string fish. Maybe this is SOP for wade fishing but it was certainly a nice change….got to test my new Hook Spit Zephyr Elite rod paired with Penn Battle II 2500, what a great set up able to pick up the most subtile bite and the Battle’s drag handled the Reds without a problem. Now don’t think I’m abandoning my Kayak, when I was fighting my biggest Red was thinking this would be one heck of a sleigh ride. 

Excited to apply what I learned when I get back in the Kayak. If your looking to get out of the Yak for a fishing trip or maybe have some fishing friends who don’t kayak I highly encourage giving N&M Sportsman’s Adventures a try.  
Tight Lines

6/28/16 Kyle Noack, Victoria, TX

Capt. Nathan Beabout runs a top notch operation. His passion for helping average fisherman become great fisherman is unmatched by any other guide on the Texas Coast. The only guide I will be fishing with is Captain Beabout. Schedule your trip today!

7/21/16 Mike Breda, San Antonio, TX

I've been fishing with Nathan since long before he was a guide and watched first hand how his skills have continued to grow throughout the years.  As Nathan's knowledge, skills, and business expand, he still remains humble and treats all clients and their questions with respect.  His effort on the water to help you have a successful trip is unmatched whether going for a box of fish, or that one big girl.  Looking forward to my next trip out with him.