After some early morning trout action, we walked the bank on the way back to the boat and ran into a nice little pod of reds! Fish on


The full moon may have got the better of us this time, but it’s always a fun couple of days when these boys come down. Past full moon trips for them have produced quality trout.
As expected the bite was on from sun up until about 10:30 for 16-20” trout, then it died both days. But that didn’t slow us down. We tried many different areas and even managed to chase down a few reds.
We have a lot of water in our bays, and I’m hoping it sticks around this time. Because of that the fish have started to move on the shorelines. Finding areas with widely scattered grass beds was key, along with areas that had rafts of finger mullet. Over the two days our bait selection stayed pretty much the same in sandy green water.
We threw pumpkinseed, victorious secret, blue moon, frozen smoke, and even chicken of the c before the sun came up.

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Lots of days forecasted in Sept/Oct with light winds and sunny skies.  Come on down and let's chase reds in the marsh.

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​Strange bite today! All our wades produced a good number of hits, but many fish were lost immediately after the hookset, or halfway in. It didn’t seem to matter if they were dink trout or 18-20” keepers, each of us only had a couple good thumps. 

Other than a little frustration from loosing a few solid fish, we stayed busy on each wade. Had a lot of fun trading fishing stories with this father/son team. With the water around normal levels most of the trout have pulled up over the grass, with a few lingering over the scattered sand pockets.

Our fish were caught on a variety of baits, even a 1/4oz silver spoon. But the best bait colors today were pumpkinseed, victorious secret, and blue moon.


Good to be back on the water after some much needed rain! With the wind starting low we were able to walk a reef on our fisrt wade, with good numbers of 17-20” trout. 

Once the wind picked up we headed to the sand pockets of the shorelines. There we walked into several trout in the 20+ inch range.
Baits today started off with DSL chicken of the c on the reefs, and blue moon and majic grass on the shorelines. 

Plenty of open dates available for this late summer/fall action. Give us a call and let’s go fishin’!