Fun filled day at the POC jetties. The husband and wife team getting it done!


You know what this cold front is making me think of? Yup, your right, cold morning wades followed by sunny afternoons in the Lower Laguna throwing Corkys, Double D’s, DSL plastics, and topwaters.

We have a some openings left for our Port Mansfield Winter Trophy Trout trips. The Lower Laguna host some of the best winter fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast. Sixty something miles of knee to thigh deep grass beds/sand pockets, holding your next personal best. 

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, but have been putting off winter fishing, don’t wait any longer. The experience of fishing in the Lower Laguna is unlike any other place in Texas. Let us help you catch or upgrade you’re PB, by sharing some tips and tricks of shallow water fishing as we walk the flats. 

These trips are 3 day minimums, wading artificial, and catch/release on all trout and reds. Dates are all selected by moon phase.

Dec: 2-6, 31
Jan:1-6, 14-16, 28-30

$650 per day/3 people
$750 per day/4 people
$850 per day/5 people

These are pictures of a few of the fish caught in 2018/19.

This family group from Fort Worth decided to battle the big ones on day one, and with some good weather forecasted on day to, we elected to sight cast reds. We were fortunate enough to chase a few small groups down the shoreline first thing this morning.

It seemed the later in the day it got, the less active the fish were. Many rds fell out to 3/4 foot of water. One thing was certain they couldn’t resist the DSL victorious secret and white ice.


​Slow and steady wins a few! Had a steady bite going over thigh deep sand pockets today, just had to walk em down. Only bait we through was DSL’s kickin’ chicken. I don't know if it was because of this weak front, but the bite wasn't all that aggressive. Some of the bigger 20-23" thumped it good, but the other 16-20" fish just picked it up.

It had that feeling of just being hung up in grass with a vibration, the vibration was the head shake, and if you set the hook you missed them. But, if you just started reeling and got tight on them you had em. You just never know how they are gonna react this time of year.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, the boys seemed to do good every time I went to bump the boat closer! LOL