Port Mansfield 2/19-2/22/18

​I always enjoy fishing Port Mansfield, but this week was a grinder. The first part of the week we were met with 20-30mph SE winds. It made finding decent water to fish a little tough. We buckled down and were blessed with a good redfish bite. Yesterday afternoon the water started to green up and we got on some more reds, with a couple soild trout mixed in.

This morning we woke up to cooler temps and light NW wind, my favorite way to fish down here! With the greener water our bait selection opened up, and we found several reds and trout holding in thigh deep water on the edge of deeper cuts.

The baits of the week changed as the water got better. The baits on the left were during the stiff SE winds, and visibility of 2-4”. The baits on the right were in calmer conditions and much greener water, with visibility of 12”-18”.
​  I want to say thank you to the customers for participating in Empty Stringers.

Port Mansfield 2/7/14-2/13/18

  Well we must have done something right this go round. Moon phases and weather had everything lined up to be an epic week in Port Mansfield. Yes, it was cold, but little water temperature warm ups triggered an aggressive trout feed. Each day we concentrated our wades in areas we could find the most bait rafted up. Walking these areas slowly throwing a variety of baits into the many sand pockets proved effective. Every sand pocket seemed to hold a fish or two and every now and then one was a big. The water color was just clean enough to make out the outline of pocket, it might have taken 3-4 cast into each pocket, but when your bait hit the right part of the water column, there was a thump. 
  We only saw the sun one day, and that is when the bite for big trout was the toughest. The other days we were there was cooler, cloudy, and the sun never came out. Our best bites were from 2-5pm, basically during the warmest part of the day, given the conditions we had. In the mornings we concentrated our wades in thigh to waist deep water, moving up to knee deep in the late afternoon. Most all the big fish we caught had a mullet tail hanging out of its mouth, that's when you know it's on!
  Something new I am going to start doing for my post, is to take a picture of the baits we used for the week. Hopefully, it will help y'all or anyone who may be questioning what to throw. Now I am not saying it will work for every area, but it may. Our water clarity this week was 8in-2ft. Here are the baits we chose.

We had 3 customers catch their personal best.
(these will be the first 3 pictures in this order)

Every trout and red was released, a big thanks to all my customers for participating in Empty Stringers.


Seadrift, TX 2/25-2/26/18

The last couple days here in Seadrift has been a strange bite. Our bigger fish have either scattered with the rise in tide or recovering from a spawn. I know it’s early in the year for that, but we have caught 100’s of small male trout the last two days, it’s the only explanation I can figure out. We are still catching a lot of keeper size fish mixed in with the smalls, and plastics have worked better than Corkys or topwaters. 

Curious to see what happens later in the week if this warming trend continues. At this rate it will be a great Spring. Contact me for March-May openings.