​These boys stuck it out today, from a nasty west wind boat ride, to slick calm, back to a stiff west wind. They managed to put a mix of nice trout, reds, and even a flounder in the box. First timer with the Texas Slam! 

Best baits of the day are pictured below.
I know later in the week with the return of the SE winds, our fishing will improve. We have plenty of weekday opening left for June, and weekend/weekday dates available for July-September. 

Give us a shout, and let’s go fishing!


After 3 wades this morning through little bait, and no bites we decided to cruise up the shoreline until we find the mother load.  We found exactly what we were looking for, but at first the fish didn’t want to play. We decided to dig in a grind on the area, with minimal boat traffic we had room to walk. 

Finally, 1, then 3, then everybody was hooked up with solid 18-23” fish. Depth didn’t see to matter as long as you were in the stained water with rafts of mullet.
Best baits of the day were the Chicken of the C early on. Then as the sun got up, Blue Moon, Spicey Pumpkinseed, and Pumpkinseed brought fish to the nets.

Good way to kick off June! New customers who are taking part of our Fish N Gig package grinded it out for some nice trout and snagged a few reds out of a small pod.  

Mixed in with the reds was a healthy trout, who was released to fight another day. Most fish today were caught in knee to thigh deep water in rafts of mullet throwing a variety of baits. Salt Sassy and Victorious Secret for the off colored water, and Strawberry Wine, Blue Moon, and Pumpkinssed for the trout green water. 

I know these boys will have fun gigging with Rick Hammond of Night Stalker Guide Service.


The trout bite remains slow, but big fish make up for it! The last couple days our trout have ranged from 19-27". Everybody knows that throwing artificial in the summer months can be tough, but that is why I try to put my customers and I in the areas where these big fish live. If this means leaving the dock an hour before light, we'll do it. If it means staying until the bay is empty of boats, we are there. I will continue to go the extra mile each and everyday to ensure a slower day of fishing is still a memorable one. 

I am confident with a tide surge late this weekend, and some much needed rain our late June/July bite will be great. A surge will bring in fresh oxygenated waters from the Gulf, and the rainfall will help to lower the salinity making many of the same conditions we found early this Spring. Water temps will cool off for a bit which should make predator fish a little more aggressive. So like I tell my customers, hang in there we will find them and it will get better. 

Looking forward to the weeks to come!
The big girl today fell for a DSL blue moon on an 1/8oz jig head.


​Some days you just have to grind it out for the bigger trout! Fish were scattered today, and a good handful were just barely keepers that got let go.

Even though we have managed to catch solid fish over the last 3-4 trips, our fishing has been a little off. Constant SW winds plaque us here on the Middle Texas Coast and are keeping the water sucked out of the San Antonio Bay region. Many grass flats are only shin deep and the hot summer sun has forced the majority of fish off the flats. These fish can still be found along the drop offs working rafts of mullet, but it seems they have scattered out, and walking them down has become the norm. 

Once our SE winds return later this week and into next week, we should rebound with some much needed tides. When these tides come back and sustain themselves for a few days, I am confident our fishing patterns will return to normal. Being able to walk what should be thigh deep grass flats with rafts of bait hovering in the cover, more concentrations of trout and reds will be found in a smaller area. 

We tend to see this trend on drought years, and if we just keep grinding through it, conditions will return to favor the angler. We will continue to hunt new areas and walk through rafts of mullet wherever we can find them. Myself and customers alike have been happy with our efforts, because the size of fish we have been able to bring to the net. 

DSL Salt Sassy, Pumpkinseed, and Chicken of the C were our best baits today.