1/14-1/16/19 Port Mansfield, TX.

It has been a fun few days in Port Mansfield. We started off with a north wind 15-25mph with rain for two day. Ended with 5-10mph out of the SW and partly cloudy skies. 

We fished all ranges of water columns, from shin deep to waist deep. What we quickly learned is the better trout were in the crotch deep zone over grass beds. Redfish were in this zone as well up to shin deep.

A variety of colors in Softdine XL’s, but that got narrowed down to 2-3 baits. Our best soft plastic was the DSL Strawberry Wine super model. Minus keeper size fish, these boys were rewarded with 4-6# trout for their efforts. One, set his personal best using lures with a nice 6 pounder. All our fish on our Mansfield trips are released, it is simply the search for a personal best!

It’s always a blast down here in Port, and I know next weeks cold front is really going to stir up the big bite. We still have open dates for Port Mansfield Trophy Trout, so give us a shout. We can try to set your new personal best!

Port Mansfield, TX.; 2/14-2/17/19

​This go round in Port had some highs and lows. We started off the trips with just a handful of trout bites, but the right ones with fish between 5-8.5# and 29". Our most productive areas were ones holding rafts of mullet in knee to crotch deep water. Areas that just had widely scattered jumping mullet didn't produce much more than a handful of 16-18" trout and a few mid-slot reds.

Water color ranged from clear, sandy green, and muddy. Our bait selection ranged from topwaters, DSL soft plastics, to Corky Softdine XL's. Matching up color selection in these different waters was key, and once we had the right match we had a consistent bite. The majority of our fish were caught in clear to sandy green water, walking slow and targeting edges of grass mats worked well. Sometimes it was on the third or fourth cast to the same area.

Unfortunately as the last couple days we were met with a good bite until about 11am then the bait seemed to disappear and the bite of big trout shut down. When that happened the redfish bite was good. We kept at it because I am a firm believer that big trout roam behind redfish, and you just have to be lucky enough to slip it past the aggressive reds to give that big trout a chance to eat it. 

All in all it was a good trip, these repeat customers always seem to have a ball no matter the conditions, personal best were matched this week, and two were lost. One from the violent head shaking these big fish are known for, and the other broke of a topwater moments before being netted. Give us a call for open dates to go try your hand at landing your personal best, it has been a great winter in Port Mansfield, and I am confident it will continue to produce for us.

Port Mansfield, TX.; 1/28-2/4/19

​It was a good week in Port Mansfield, TX. seeking out trophy trout. We had 4 customers including myself set their new PB with fish from 8.25# to 8.75#.  Two fish were measured at 29” and the 8.75# went 30.25”.  We had a lot of 4-6# fish and several in the 7-7.25# range.

We saw a lot of different weather and water conditions over the week, ranging from a strong blowing cold front, to fog and 75 degree temps.  Early in the week when the front blew through the water temp began to drop form the mid 60’s down into the lower 50’s. This caused us to switch our tactics and move from knee deep water out to waist deep water. Our bait selection ranged from Corky Fatboys to 5” soft plastics rigged with a 1/16-1/8oz jig head. What we saw during the cooler days was the fished moved from the sand with scattered grass to grass with scattered sand pockets. Bombing these sand pockets multiple times usually yielded a bite, but quite a few fish were missed or lost because of the lethargic bite.  We took our time meticulously working each sand pocket we could make out with the cloud cover and stained water.

Now, luckily this front even though it blew in hard, didn’t last long as far as cold weather. We rapidly warmed up for being Jan/Feb and for that water temps started to climb. With tide levels inching back up along with the temps we knew that at a certain time of the day we could set up in the knee deep zone again, patiently waiting for the big trout to feed up shallow. Almost like clockwork each afternoon big fish started thumping our baits. Usually starting off with 5-6# fish, and the further we got into the wade and later in the day the 8’s would knock the fire out of somebodies bait. 

We would always start the next day where we ended the day before, because of the 7’s and 8’s caught yesterday, and we knew the water temp would keep coming up. From the time the water temp hung around 66 degrees and would climb from there during the day, the topwater bite became more aggressive. There is nothing better than watching an 8# trout crush a topwater. 

Through the course of the week we threw Corky Fatboys in day glow, strawberry wine, pearl, and olive. Down South Lures tequila gold, strawberry wine, color x, chicken of the c, and blue moon.  All of these were in the super model except blue moon. Topwaters had two favorite colors and they were pearl, and baby trout.

Folks, if you have never got the chance to fish the Lower Laguna Madre this time of year, Do not wait any longer.  Give us a call today to book your trip of a lifetime. We have openings for late February through April.

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1/22/19 Seadrift, TX.

We decided to make the trip an afternoon trip, departing the dock at 11am.  We were trying to play the bite according to the approaching cold front.  The bite wasn't what we expected, only catching a few trout and reds each wade it seemed to be a sluggish bite.  But, in saying that the trout bites we got were solid fish.

​Best bait today were DSL Dirty Tequila, Color X, and Corky Softdine XL bayou green/silver. Crotch deep water over grass beds worked the best.