​​All 2022 fishing trips we will continue to release all trout in an effort to help restock the bay systems. However, we will allow each angler to keep a couple reds for dinner. We would appreciate keeping the redfish numbers low also, and do not want to keep fish that will end up with freezer burn and be tossed out.

A Day of Fishing

my preferred method of fishing is to wade fish artificial (we can accommodate multiple boats)

Day Fishing Trips

1 person-$600

2 people-$600

3 people-$700

4 people-$800

5 people-$900

Seadrift, TX Fishing;

April 1st-Sept. 8th Saturday  trips will be afternoon only 3pm-sunset.  (This will allow the traffic to  die down, and fish patterns to return to more of a normal state.)

1 person-$600

2 people-$600

3 people-$700

4 people-$800

5 people-$900

I highly recommend choosing another day to be on the water during this time frame, if you want to fish from sunrise until mid-afternoon.

The areas we cover range from the many shell beds in San Antonio Bay, to sand/grass shorelines, and many back lakes that Matagorda has to offer, stretching from Port O'Connor to south of Mesquite Bay and Cedar Bayou.  These areas are target specific to the time of year we are fishing.  We will teach you our methods for success at each of the areas we fish on that day. Methods and lure selection ranges from location to location.

Rods/Reels can be supplied upon request.

Tackle can be provided because we know what can work best for our area, but feel free to bring your favorites.

What is NOT supplied.  Boots and/or waders, nets, and are a must for a day of wading. 

Don't forget sunscreen and a jacket if necessary.

Valid Texas fishing license with Saltwater Stamp is required.

Bring small ice chest, preferably soft sided, with your food and drinks.

Sight Casting Trips

Seadrift, TX is one of the best places on the Middle Texas Coast to sight cast reds.  Whether it's the clear protected marsh of Matagorda Island, or along the miles of grass flats covering the outside shorelines.  Seeing that fish cruise the flat and having the opportunity to present a lure to them in such a way they can't turn it down is hard to beat, it definitely gets the blood pumping!  Let me share my knowledge and expertise of how to spot these fish, and present a lure to them.  Watching one of these big reds inhale a lure and immediately strip line off your reel is something you have to experience for yourself.

Feel free to bring your own equipment, but a must have is an excellent pair of polarized sunglasses.

These trips are meant for 1-2 people because I have a 6ft tower with a 3ft pedestal in front,

to give each angler a birds eye view of the fish.

-$500, 1 person

-$600, 2 people

​-$700, 3 people

-All equipment can be supplied on these trips.

-Must have valid Texas fishing license with Saltwater Stamp.

-Don't forget sunscreen and jacket if necessary.

-Bring small ice chest, preferably soft sided, with your food and drinks.

​​​​Fish 'n Gig Package

​Family vacation, or a short trip away from the office, or not enough time to spend 3 or 4 days enjoying all that saltwater has to offer?  Come join us for a full experience, wrapped up in one day with the Fish n’ Gig Package.

3 people-$1200

4 people-$1400
5 people-$1600

Saltwater fishing is year round, 365 days and a phenomenal experience.  The package consists of a day of wade fishing artificial out of Seadrift, Texas, and an evening of gigging flounder out of Goose Island, Rockport, Texas.

A day of wade fishing, we will depart from the dock at safe light, and return around 2-3pm.

Night of gigging, we will depart at sunset and a trip runs 4-8 hours, depending on weather conditions and fishing success.

Captain Rick Hammond, Night Stalker Guide Service, has been guiding flounder gigging trips in the Rockport, Texas, area for 15 years. He will show you a whole different perspective on fishing, as you explore the bay at night from his 26' flounder gigging boat. The boat is very spacious and comfortable.  Rick uses air-motor and powerful lights that illuminate the bay shallows where the flounder hide. The bay comes to life at night, and the fish are not afraid of the boat, making the trip like looking into a moving aquarium. In addition to gigging delicious flounder, sheephead, and black drum, you will regularly see the following species up close during a gigging trip: redfish, trout, mullet, stingrays, needlefish, crabs, alligator gar, puffer fish, croaker, perch, and alligators. Rick is a great teacher, and loves to show kids and first time fishermen the secrets to gigging big flounder, sheepshead, and black drum. Rick has the knowledge, experience, and positive attitude needed to make every outing the trip of a lifetime.

Come join us for the ultimate saltwater experience, with over 25 years of combined experience pursuing trout, redfish, flounder, and black drum.  This trip will not disappoint.


Have a house and boat down in the Seadrift/Port O'Connor, and Rockport areas, and aren't sure about how to run the bays and back marsh safely, or just want to learn more water and new areas?  Let us show you how to enjoy a safe day on the water with your friends and family, by taking your boat and showing you how to navigate the waters to and from your fishing hole.


- 4 hour minimum trip at $150 per hour; $600 for Seadrift/POC

- 4 hour minimum trip at $175 per hour; $700 for Rockport

- 4 hour minimum trip at $200 per hour; $800 for Port Aransas/ Corpus Christi

Why's and Why Nots Bay Systems Class (Classes by Seasons)

Classes are designed for you and a fishing buddy. They are held at POC Rod & Gun in Port O'Connor, TX. These classes are set up as a 4/5 hour detail discussion in regards to the time of year, weather patterns, tides, fish migrations, bait migrations, lure selection/size, learning how to read Solunar tables; (major and minor feed predictions) the layout of the bay under different weather, as well as many other details to key in on to help anglers be successful. We will cover specific areas using printed satellite maps and Google Earth. Discussing the bottom structure, and loss/regrowth of sea grasses and how this affects our bay system and predator fish migrations.

-4/5 hour class at $1500

or morning navigational trip with afternoon classroom $2,000 (Seadrift/POC area), $2100 (Rockport Area)

​​​​​​​​​​Fishing Guide in Seadrift & Port O'Connor, TX

Bull Red Guided Fishing Trips

2 people-$600

3 people-$700

4 people-$800

5 people-$900

(bait not included)

Fishing the Port O'Connor Jetties in September through early November, can be an amazing time, as the mature redfish

come through the pass to spawn.  Bull red trips are purely for the sport of fighting 20-40 pound fish.  These trips are

strictly catch and release, but measurements and photos can be taken to provide a nice replica mount.

-All equipment will be supplied on these trips.

-Must have a valid Texas fishing license with Saltwater Stamp.

-Don't forget sunscreen and a jacket if necessary.

-Bring small ice chest, preferably soft sided, with your food and drinks.